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Get involvedKaty Trail Ice House Invitational


We invite you to join the Katy Trail Ice House Invitational to support the Friends of the Katy Trail.


The KTIH Invitational provides companies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the community. We recognize each partner has individual needs and we are committed to building mutually beneficial packages for all. Packages include a variety of opportunities developed for your consideration. If you do not see a program which will work for you, then we can customize one to meet your needs.

The money raised will go toward cleaning the popular Trail, adding trees and blooming plants, watering and maintaining the Trail to keep it beautiful, increasing the number of drinking fountains and hiring more off-duty police bike patrols.


The Friends of the Katy Trail has developed a Master Plan, which will eventually connect to the Trinity Strand Trail to the southwest and to the White Rock Trail to the northeast.


Limited foursomes and sponsorships are available.  Please contact: Amy Pyrz at 214-336-2476 or with inquiries.