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Get involvedKaty Trail Ice House Invitational


We invite you to join the Katy Trail Ice House Invitational to support the Friends of the Katy Trail.


We are pleased to announce the sixth annual Katy Trail Ice House Invitational at Gleneagles Country Club, on March 21, 2022. Proceeds from the tournament benefit Friends of the Katy Trail, the nonprofit organization responsible for keeping the trail in peak condition. Although owned by the City of Dallas, Friends of the Katy Trail is responsible for raising over one million dollars each year to support their efforts. The money raised will go toward their Vision Plan which includes installation of a mile of soft surface trail, along with enhanced lighting and several plazas.

You’re invited to support this important initiative and join us at the Katy Trail Ice House Invitational. The past five tournaments have raised over $400,000 and with your help we can continue to make a significant impact and keep the Friends of Katy Trail financially strong.


Please contact Amy Pyrz to discuss sponsorship, foursome, donor and volunteer opportunities. We appreciate your support for this important initiative!


Amy Pyrz
Phone: 214-336-2476